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Support and Management Services

PathFinder Support and Management services demonstrate our continued commitment to provide industry leading technical support services for ICT and ESSS and Facility Management staff. It offers you a 'one stop' support service and is delivered by skilled technicians and engineers available locally and international through our partners.

Our ICST Management service is a focused, pro-active discipline concentrating upon a professional and comprehensive selection of management services for the business networking and security environment - be they multi-vendor or a single dedicated supplier

Product (Hardware) Maintenance

provides contractual maintenance support covering hardware faults and options for the provision of advance parts replacement or preventative maintenance.

This is usually done with the equipment manufacturer and it is meant to complement their equipment warranty. Cisco calls this service Smartnet. It guarantees amongst other things an Advance Replacement (AR) of malfunctioning equipment. With AR, Cisco ships to us within the next working day (of reporting) a replacement for any malfunctioning equipment under the contract. This is then replaced onsite and the malfunctioning equipment is afterwards returned to Cisco.

What do you get?
  1. The performance of existing configurations is maximised.
  2. Trained to pro-actively manage network configurations.
  3. Potentially damaging business effects are eliminated through the provision of early warning and corrective actions to maintain performance.
  4. Capacity planning and expansion initiatives are easier to justify as informed management investment decisions are possible.
Remote Management Planning:

Where your business requires network fault tolerance, high levels of network efficiency and minimum downtimes to key network components, ICST Solutions will proactively manage your network remotely. The service includes the continuous monitoring of network servers, routers and switches, and within pre-defined parameters identifies problems before the networks performance is impacted. Again, this is often done in partnership with our technical partner. This cervices is also included in Cisco’s Smartnet offerings.

Performance Management

Today's sophisticated network configurations consist of many integral components which require professional, on-going management to maximise their return on investment. ICT Solutions, through focusing its expertise on ensuring that the appropriate proactive facilities and processes exist, gives an early warning of potential performance problems to safeguard the continuity of the service.

Product (Hardware) Maintenance

With the ever increasing complexity of ICT and ESS networks it is often difficult for a system manager to know precisely what is included in the systems, the interconnection runs both within a site and across sites, including the cabling infrastructure. ICT Solutions have the skills and tools to provide a full system audit.

How do you benefit?
  1. definitions of system’s network and devices configurations
  2. a detailed multi-level pictorial representation of the network, with inter-diagram connectivity and embedded network data
  3. logical and physical design layout of the network
  4. complete layout of the network infrastructure with supporting documentation.
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