Service Overview

Our service offerings are called Pathfinder ICST Services: This covers the entire facility life cycle from design through installation to support and management of all the ICT and Electronic Safety & Security (ESS) solutions listed under the Solutions pages. The incorporated services are designed to focus on and meet your business requirements in the area of multi-vendor networks to support ICT and ESS systems.

While it remains customer’s business-led, it is based on open-standards and best-practises pioneered/ratified by international bodies. These standards include:

  • Existing Standards as defined by the IEEE, EIA/TIA. ISO/IECIS sub committees
  • BICSI’s Telecommunications Distribution Methods Manual and LAN Design Manual, and all local (Nigerian) standards. However, wherever the consultant differ BICSI
  • Commscope’s SYSTIMAX™ SCS
  • Cisco’s Services which are focused on helping customers decrease the time to value in transforming their business with Internet technology
  • Bosch Security’s Services

Leveraging on our Principal/Supplier/Technical Partner Expertise:
All our services are in collaboration with our suppliers and technical partners – Cisco, Bosch Security, Commscope, etc. This way we leverage on their in-house engineers and project planners and managers as well as a worldwide network of experts with their global resellers/distributors and integrators.

For instance, Cisco engineers and Cisco Certified Partners are among the industry’s elite in providing integrated, collaborative, adaptive solutions. We (Cisco Certified Partners and Cisco engineers) form the largest collection of industry-certified experts in the world supporting the most complex networks to meet and exceed the needs of our customers. Cisco teams can collaborate with partners to foster consistency and alignment with Cisco methodologies, tools, and leading practices.

Cisco themselves, have a list of Services offerings which we sometimes embedded in our customised services, but sometimes we sell as Cisco products on their own.

Our services offerings are grouped as:

  1. PathFinder Plan Services
  2. PathFinder Deploy Services
  3. PathFinder Support and Manage Services
  4. Cisco (Owned) Services